Richard Brown


To the Atlanta Jazz Festival:

 Over the last 6 months the Distilled Butter Band has performed at Club Ellery’s in Atlanta on more than 4 occasions. Their sound is very versatile playing  Jazz as well as Rhythm & Blues. The lead singers and the flutest add a unique and soulful sound to the band that suits our audience well.  Both the Male & Female vocalists bring energy and strong performances to the band.  The Distilled Butter Band will add flavor to the Atlanta Jazz festival and be a testament to the local talent here in the city of Atlanta. I would highly recommend them as performers for the 2019 festival.   We plan to book them in Ellery’s 2019 rotation and I highly recommend them for the Atlanta Jazz Festival. 

Ellery Murphy

I had a housewarming/anniversary/New Year’s Eve party and knew I had to had live music.  Myself and all my guests loved The Distilled Butter Band. Richard was very professional he came by before the event and made sure that the space and sound would be right for the evening. The band arrived early to set up and played all the hits. The singer is very talented and I was skeptical about needed a flautist, I was thinking a saxophonist but was I wrong. The flautist added any extra special different touch. I would recommend Richard and the Distilled Butter Band for any event big or small. 

Murshida Summers-Brown

May 2020

Richard Brown is without question one of the boldest musicians I’ve had the pleasure of hearing live and in person. By far one of the best live entertainment sets I’ve enjoyed on New Year’s Eve is by Richard Brown and The Distilled Butter Band. The ensemble was incredible, but there is something about the way Richard Brown daringly expresses such a vivid steel sound that made the performance uniquely memorable. 

Not only was Richard Brown technical, he also provided an elevation for the band with improvisations, rifts and movement. My guests were truly impressed and thought the flautist added a genuine spice of flavor to the overall performance. I would recommend Richard as a talent and professional.


Alexis Chapin